Car Cover Edit

Original Avantime Car Cover has been discontinued. The OEM is Sofin SRL ( It is available on request for roughly 230€.

Roof Bar Edit

Original Avantime Roof Bars have been discontinued. It is possible to find it on for roughy 250€. The OEM is Thule, but the original kit is not available.


Thule has also discontinued the aftermarket kit, but it is still possible to find it from different sources (ebay, other resellers). Correct KIT is composed of:

  • Thule Foot Pack 960
  • Thule Kit 2127
  • Thule Bars 762 (or other MFT equivalent)
  • Thule locking set 544 (or equivalent)

for a rought total price of (as per 2014) 150/180€.

Snow Chains Edit

Thule is OEM.


Thule suggests:

  • for Avantime fitting 225/55 R16: CK-7 model 100
  • for Avantime fitting 235/50 R17: CK-7 model 102

Avantime User manual states that 235/50 R17 is not chainable as well as all the other R17 and R18 options.


Bodywork Sport Kit Edit

Original body kit drawings has been recovered by AmicaleAvantime groupe and is now available again at: