Original exhaust is not available from Renault (as per 2014).

Aftermarket options Edit

There are few aftermarket options: MJ and FOX.

MJ Edit

MJ from UK proposes a 304 steel exhaust. It lacks of backpressure and this leads to an increased power but also some poppings during deceleration. Cost is lower than FOX option.

FOX Edit

Fox Sportauspuff ( propose a number of different solutions for Avantime Exhaust:

  • Classic (cost for complete exhaust system, roughly 870 €)
  • Double regular size (symmetrical trapezoidal design, similar to original concept)
  • Double sport (symmetrical trapezoidal design, similar to original concept, but bigger size)

Classic Version Exhaust system has more backpressure than MJ exhaust but still present some popping during deceleration. On the bad side, it has a strong aesthetic impact due to increased length and terminal diameter. Not recommended.

Double Version requires removal of Spare Wheel located underneath the boot. It also requires to cut the right side of black bumper skirt. Not recommendable.


Original Exhaust reconstruction Edit